Makeup Looks

Casual day makeup

Makeup has changed my life and makes me feel better about myself. I want to start a career in makeup and use my skills that I’ve learnt in the Digital Media Production Program to make my dream come true. The picture above is a my casual everyday look when I’m going to work or out anywhere. The products that I used are a moisturizer/Primer, Yves Saint Laurent foundation, Covergirl Blush, Tart lipstick, Naked eyeshadow, Nyx matte eyeliner, and Monsieur Big mascara. I’m still starting out with getting myself familiar with bigger and better name brands, but I still absolutely love this look.

I recommend getting these products if you’re just starting out, so that you can get a better understanding of what colours suit you and what each product does. This will help you before you spend hundreds of dollars on makeup products that may not work the way you want them to. I learned that the hard way! I bought a $50.00 highlighter and a $250.00 brush kit before I researched the products. The highlighter ended up not showing up on my skin and the brushes were not a good quality. You may even end up loving drug store brands more than most of the bigger brand names. I found that I love Nyx eyeliner more than any other brand that I’ve tried and I love Monsieur Big mascara more than drug store mascara. It all depends on the person.

Classy/casual makeup look

This is one of my favourite looks! I think that red lipstick looks amazing on my skin type! This look also makes me feel confident and happy. You could use this look as an everyday look or even wear it to an event. The red lipstick I used was lipsense, it’s a matte lipstick that lasts a long time and doesn’t smear. This helps the look to last throughout an event you are at and even helps to stay on while you are eating, so that you don’t have to reapply the lipstick.

In this picture, I am headed to school and I used this lipstick because I knew I was going to be eating throughout the day. I have also used this look in the past for my prom and graduation. This look is not too much and not too little, it is just right for any event. If you wanted to make it more of a bigger and brighter look, you could always add an eyeshadow to match the desired lipstick.

Fun/Creative makeup look

I did this look originally to see which eyeshadows would suit black lipstick. I think this look is more of a fun and creative one, I don’t think that this would be a good casual or even a classy look. I think it’s more of a going out to party with friends look. This picture was taken to remind myself that everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up. When I get better at makeup, I can look back at this picture and tell myself “I did it!”

The eyeshadow I used was from the Morphe X James Charles palette and the shade is called, Artistry. The black lipstick I used was from Mac and I honestly think this is the best black lipstick in the world. I have been trying to find a black lipstick for the longest time, but every brand I have tried has either smeared and/or streaked. This Mac lipstick lasts a long time and doesn’t streak at all. I found that is doesn’t smear, but if you were to touch your lips, it would leave a faint stain. I think these colours compliment each other the best and I would definitely wear these colours together again.

First attempt at a professional look

For this look, I followed a makeup tutorial. This was my first attempt at blending different colours together. I don’t think that it’s the best look I have ever done, but I am still very proud of myself for doing a bigger look. Again, I can look back at this look and get better as I go. I chose a nude/sparkly lip gloss to compliment the eyeshadow colours because I find that orange is a very hard colour to compliment.

I did wear this look to school, although you could honestly wear this look anywhere as long as you use neutral colours. If you used different colours; such as, pink, blue, and purple together, then you would probably only use the look in certain events. Rainbow colours would be absolutely amazing in a pride event, a drag show, a beauty event, or contests. Me being myself, I would wear any look anywhere! I love to wear makeup and I love to showcase my talent wherever I am. I can’t wait to get better at blending colours and being able to do this as a career.



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