Filming for the “Stock the Bank” Production

Hi Everyone!

Today, some of the Digital Media Production 2nd Year students filmed SUCCI’s Christmas tree Decorating event in the commons area at the Shuniah Building. This event included anyone and everyone, students even got to enjoy free hot chocolate and cookies in celebration of the upcoming holiday. This event is also on ongoing event until Friday, December 6th called “Stock the Bank”.

Department heads are competing against each other to see who can collect the most cans for bragging rights and also have an opportunity to donate $150.00 to a charity of their choosing. The event started with the tree decorating, tomorrow there will be a pancake breakfast, and Monday the 26th of November until Friday, December 6th, they will be collecting cans and donations. This is their 14th annual challenge and Stock the Bank is in support of the Student Emergency Fund. Anyone can help donate and help a student in need.

Each item donated earns points to help their department win the end prize. The items that can be donated include; canned meats, canned fruits and veggies, peanut butter, pasta sauce and canned pasta, pasta and rice, boxes of granola/cereal bars, and gluten free items. These all count for 5 points each. You could also donate reusable cloth grocery bags and those max out 500 points per team.

All of the departments are divided into collection team divisions. There are the large collection teams, the small collection teams, and the academic collection teams.

The Large Collection Teams are made up by Administrations, Registrations/Admissions/Financial Aid/Continuing Ed & The Hub, Student Services/Health Services & SUCCI, and IT/Computer Services/Faculty Services & Reliable Cleaners.

The Small Collection Teams are made up by Distance Education/Paterson Library Commons & APIWIN, CICE & Sodexo Food Services & International Education Centre, The Children and Family Centre/The Wellness Centre & Follett Bookstore, The Printshop/Security Services and Marketing & Communications, and Regional Workforce Development/NEW/Residence/CPRIL.

The Academic Collection Teams are made up by School of Aviation & School of Engineering Technology, School of Business/Hospitality and Media Arts, and School of Health/Negahneewin & Community Services.

DMP Students Working Hard to get the Best Results

The DMP students filmed students and faculty decoration the tree and enjoying food/beverages for our upcoming live streaming production called “Stock the Bank” on Monday, December 9th. This production will talk about what the departments did for campaigns and will showcase the award ceremonies and thank everyone involved in the can collecting. It will also include a group interview at the end to get information about how the event went and how they feel about the ending results.

The students are working hard to get the best videos and the best content to show our viewers. We want this show to be the best one yet!



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