Stock the Bank Setup

Some of the DMP students working hard to get the camera set up

Today, was our final show for our Interactive Live Streaming course and yesterday we spent some time setting up for the production. We all had to set up the cameras, the switcher, the graphics machine, and all of the other equipment. It took us three hours to set up everything for our show. Right before we finished setting up, we realized there were a few struggles that we were going to have the next day.

The main struggle was that we had no idea where the stage would be set up and we had to guess where to place the cameras. The other struggle was that we had no information about who would be performing in the award show or who would be speaking. Being the director of the production, these two struggles were the worst thing that could happen. I was told I needed to get all of my shots ready for the next day and that I needed to get all of the graphics in the machine. Since we had no clue on where the stage would be or who would be speaking, I had no idea what shots to get or who’s name to put into the graphics machine.

When we finished setting up, I was told that we would get all of the information on the morning of production. I was so worried that I wouldn’t know what to do, but I had to sit and think for a minute about how everyone is in the exact same boat as I am. After doing some thinking, I wasn’t so worried anymore because we were all just playing it by ear. Thing WERE going to go wrong, but we needed to find ways around them.

Stay tuned for my blog on the Production!



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