Stock the Bank Production

Devin and Jithu setting up the graphics machine and practicing using the switcher

Today was the Stock the Bank production and it was also our last production of the semester. During this production I was in the directors position. Being the director was an extremely new experience. I had to make sure that all of the equipment was working and that everyone was doing their jobs. On top of these duties, I also had to make sure that I knew who was performing/speaking in the show.

With only 20 minutes to spare before we went live, I had finally received information on who would be in the show. However, this information didn’t turn out great in the end. During the show, there were some unexpected guest speakers and some of the nameplate graphics were put on screen under the wrong person. The entire show format went down the drain and I was so confused and stressed out. This was my first time being a director during a production and I can honestly say I have no idea how directors can deal with everything going on around them and stay so calm.

It came as a surprise, but that wasn’t the only issue we had before the show. We also had a camera die on us, or so we thought! The camera was perfectly fine, but one of the cords that was plugged into it was faulty and needed to be thrown out. We were fortunate enough to fix the problem before we went live and the camera worked throughout the entire show.

Although I had some struggles and things didn’t go as planned, I believe that I did a good job with what was thrown at me. The show went live with no hesitations and we got all of the shots that we needed. Even if it wasn’t the greatest show or the greatest shots, we finished our final show and that is something I am very proud of.

A couple of things that I took away from this experience was to be more prepared, before and during a production, and to only be a director when there is a set format! A question I’m probably going to get asked is ” will you ever be a director again for another production?” and I would have to say YES! Even though it was very stressful and confusing, I absolutely loved the adrenaline and taking charge of things. It was an experience like no other.



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