The DMP Crunch

Photo Credit: Taken by Andrea on Jade’s Phone, In photo Front: (Left) Jade , (Right) Jonas Back: Carson

The semester is almost over, and with that comes; Crunch Time. We have multiple major assignments due, and it has been stressful, with multiple of us staying all day, and some staying into the early morning hours. We are mostly at the point where we are editing, and if needed, doing some last minuet video and photo shoots.

Yesterday, was the day I was dreading most, and I can say I’m happy it is over. We had two major assignments due and an exam! This would determine if we would pass or fail one of our classes, and was the day our documentaries we had been working on for the entire semester were finally due.

To say I was stressed, was likely an understatement, I luckily had awesome teammates for my documentary, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without them. We had really pulled together and created a documentary I was happy with, and I hope they’re happy with it too. I woke up, bright and early, with little sleep the night before, likely due to nerves for our Sound Design exam (30%) and assignment (40%) due, in total they were worth 70% of our mark. (The final documentary was worth 30%, so if we count that, we practically had an entire class worth of stuff due on the same day! Ouch!)

The day went without a hitch, I studied while at home, along with doing the post-production package for our doc. Once I got to school, I studied for awhile for my Sound Design exam, I even wrote out all of our power points, and then came our documentary class. That surprisingly went well! I really get nervous when showing off my work, but it ended up being a great experience. I recommend checking out people’s documentaries, they were all super good!

Then came sound design, the exam…and the assignment being due. When time finally came for the exam…err…we had to label the protools, ouch. That hurt a lil bit, I either did really well or completely butchered that section. I hope I did well, I think I did great on the first part of the exam though. I think. We will have to wait to find out! When our exams were done, and we went to hand in our assignments, I showed the teacher mine, and he was impressed! Yay! I just hope I did well enough to pass the test.

I have a few more assignments to work on, so I should get back to the crunch, see you guys next time!


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